Issue Money Order While Posting Other Transactions

These steps explain how to issue a money order while posting other transactions in Teller Processing.

  • Be sure to activate your drawer prior to following these steps.
  • If an eReceipt appears after posting the transaction, have the member sign the signature pad. Then print and save the receipt.


1. Launch tool #1: Teller Line Posting.

2. Enter your employee ID and password.

3. Enter the account number and name ID if required.

4. Click the forward arrow.

You may need to click the forward arrow again to move past the Verify Member pop-up and any other pop-ups that may appear.

5. Enter an "M" in the Proc Code field next to the account from which funds for the money order will be withdrawn.

Funds for the money order do not need to be entered into the Withdrawal Amount field for the sub-account. Funds entered here will be considered cash out.

6. Enter additional transactions as needed.  

7. Click Post.

8. Enter the amount of the money order in the M/O amount field on the Teller Processing - Check screen.

9. In the Pay to the order of field, enter the name and address of the person/company receiving the money order.

10. Click the forward arrow to print the money order.  

11. On the OFAC Name Breakdown screen, click Continue to run an OFAC scan on the payee.

Follow your credit union policy on handling OFAC scans.

Click Organization Account if the payee is a business/organization.

If the verification results in “no hits found” and you click the forward arrow to continue, you'll return to the Teller Processing - Check screen.

12. Repeat steps 8-11 to print additional money orders.

13. Click Post.

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