Confirm Change to Freeze Code

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Confirm Change to Freeze Code


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This screen appears when any change is made to any loan (including credit cards) through Account Update (closed end or open end).  This also appears when a freeze code is placed on a loan through the comment feature.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to freeze an account

Screen Overview

This screen allows you to permanently change a freeze code (1, 2 or 3) to another freeze code (1, 2 or 3.).  For example, you may use this feature with a loan in bankruptcy to change the freeze code from 1 to 3.  Learn more about freeze codes

Option A: Leave the box unchecked

If you do not check the box on this screen and use F5-Confirm, delinquency monitoring will continue to place the appropriate freeze code as configured in your Delinquency Monitoring Configuration. If you entered this screen via Account Update, your changes on that screen will be saved.

Option B: Check the box

If you check the box on this screen and use F5-Confirm, you are selecting to manually place a permanent freeze on this loan.  Checking this box does not remove the loan from delinquency monitoring.  It simply stops delinquency monitoring from changing the freeze code placed on this account.  For example, if you have a member in bankruptcy, you might use this feature to permanently place a freeze code of 3 on a loan.  (Especially if delinquency monitoring would place a freeze code of 1.)


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