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Who Earned Dividends




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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1405 Who Earned Dividends

This dashboard shows dividend activity across all your configured dividend applications, allowing you to filter and sort exactly how many products received dividends, how much was paid, and to whom. This useful tool also allows you to monitor and verify that your dividend programs are working as expected.

As the program that drives this dashboard analyzes a lot of data, you may experience brief latency after you change or clear filters, or select to view further detail on a transaction.  

This project is part of the CU*BASE Active Beta program. Active (live) beta allows us to get software out in the field more quickly by expanding the testing process into a real-world environment, in place of our more typical QC testing process. This means we need your help testing these tools! Your feedback will help us continue to refine and fine-tune the functionality, so let us know what you think! More Online Help information will be added to this screen as the Dashboard evolves. Learn more about the Active Beta program


Search Criteria



Dividend activity between

Enter the date range to filter dividend activity.

Dividend amounts between

Enter the dividend amount range to search by only that range.

Helpful Hint: This dashboard will list all accounts that are dividend applicable. Accounts that earned no dividends will appear with the description **NO DIVIDENDS PAID and may take up substantial room on the resulting database. To eliminate these zero dollar rows, enter 0.01 in the dividend minimum amount field. However, you may want to include those when using the Analysis function; to do so, simply replace the .01 with .00 for a proper count.

Search transaction description for

Enter search criteria to view specific transaction descriptions.

Dividend application

Use the Select button to choose one or more Dividend application codes.

Certificate types

Use the Select button to choose one or more Certificate types.

Dividend frequency

Select a radio button to choose to include all dividends, or dividends paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.





Column 1

(Use Show Views to select the column header)

This column defaults to the transaction description when entering the tool. Use the Show Views (F8) button to select from the following first column options:

    • Account Base

    • Member Name

    • Dividend Application

    • CD Type

    • Dividend Frequency

    • Transaction Description

    • Application Type


This column shows the account type on which the dividend was earned.

OR/Origin Code

These columns show the numeric origin code and the origin code description.

CD/Transaction Code

These columns show the numeric transaction code and the transaction code description.

TY/Transaction Type

These columns show the numeric transaction type and the transaction type description.

Dividend Amount

This column will show the amount of the dividend earned.


Functions and Buttons



Member Inquiry

To view the member account associated with the dividend transaction, highlight the row and select Member Inquiry to access Inquiry.

Show Detail

To view the dividend detail, highlight a row and select Show Detail.

Button Description
Clear Filters (F5) Use this button to quickly clear all filters.
Common Bonds (F6) Access a common bonds dashboard (e.g. membership traits, credit score history, etc.) for the selected members.
Show Views (F8) Use this button to select the lead column information.

Export (F9)

Use this to create a file that lets you use Member Connect to communicate instantly with these members via email and online banking messages, set up a marketing outreach via mailing labels and selective statement inserts, and track the responses via a telemarketing Tracker. This file will contain account base only.

Member Connect (F10)

Access the Member Connect Setup screen, the gateway to sending online banking/and or email messages to members, as well as creating mailing labels, statement inserts and telemarketing trackers.

SEE ALSO: Marketing Campaigns with Member Connect

Analysis (F16) Use this button to view an analysis of the selected information.
Data Source (F19) Select this button to view the tables and fields used to compile the dashboard.
View Orig Codes (F21) Use this button to view all configured Origin Codes.
View Tran Codes (F22) Use this button to view all configured Transaction Codes.
View Tran Types (F23) Use this button to view all configured Transaction Types.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IMBRDIV-01.htm