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Where Your Members Borrow



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #976: Where Your Members Borrow.

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Knowing Your Members CU*BASE Relationship Management Tools


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Find out where your members are borrowing. This can be a great set of tools for marketing to members who have a loan elsewhere and/or or paying someone else, but can also be helpful to find where your members are spending their money. Is there a local merchant that your credit union could partner with to drive home the community spirit of the credit union industry?

It’s a jungle out there. Competitors are everywhere. Some you know about, some you don’t. What about the ones you do? Every time a transaction is posted to your member accounts or a credit report is pulled, your members are telling you where they are doing business. Every time a person is a co-borrower on a loan, their credit report is pulled as well. Are you listening?

The Where Your Members Borrow tool allows you to summarize what your members and their co-borrowers are telling you through credit reports stored on the CU*BASE system.

With the push of a button, you can now have the system rank competitor financial institutions that are also doing business with your members (and their co-borrowers too!). Would you like to see a list of your top five mortgage competitors? Would you like to contact those members and make them an offer to move their mortgage over to a credit union product? Would you like to buy some automobile loans by simply sending out a promotion to your members offering to pay when they move their loan from an identified competitor? Would you like to see where their co-borrowers are doing business and put together a plan to try and pull in some business that those banks or other institutions are currently drawing away from your credit union?

This system will not only tell you the member’s (or co-borrower’s) name, it will tell you the original amount they borrowed, estimate the rate, and give you contact information and credit scores as of the time the credit report was pulled.

This tool gathers trade line information from your credit union’s online credit bureau files CRBRPT and CRBSUM. (This data is typically retained for 2 months, although your retention schedule may vary.)

You can select to exclude your loans from the listing to work only those of other financial institutions.  Read more about this feature.

Using this Screen

This screen can be used to contact members with high credit scores to encourage them to change to your credit union offerings. The total balance of all loans by these filters is listed at the top of the screen.  

Excluding Your Loans from the Listing

Use Credit Report Mining (F4) to view a dashboard analyzing all credit scores from a member, and not just the one pulled for the loan shown on this screen.  On the Credit Report Mining Dashboard you can also select to exclude creditors from this listing, for example, loans issued by your credit union.  These exclusions are also used on the Where Your Members Borrow dashboard. Use View Exclusions (F15) to view which creditors are excluded from the screen.

Field Names

Field Name


Loan Requests From

Select the date that you want to pull the loan request information from

Member Type

This selection allows you to select to view data from member credit reports, non-member credit reports or both.

Display top

The “Display Top” display only the top number of records entered in this field. The screen then summarizes everything else into one record called “Other” listed at the bottom of the list.

Omit credit scores <

Use this optional field to exclude loans with scores below the entered number.

Loan Type

The Type column indicates the type of trade line. Use the Loan type field at the top of the screen to display only Installment, Mortgage or Revolving loan types.




Credit Report Mining (F4)

Use this to view a dashboard analyzing credit scores.  On this screen you can select to exclude creditors from this listing, for example, loans issued by your credit union.  Then on the Where Your Members Borrow screen, use View Exclusions to view which creditors are excluded from the screen.

Export All (F9)

Export ALL creditor data (not just one creditor) to a database file. You can select to export only member’s account numbers or the data included on the detail screen for use with Report Builder.  Data included in the second export will include creditor name, payment, frequency, term and estimated APR, but will not include Social Security Numbers.

Member Connect (F10)

After creating a database file using the Export feature, use this button to contact those members.

View Exclusions (F15)

Use this to view which creditors are excluded from this screen.  These exclusions are made on the Credit Report Mining Dashboard.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IMTANL-01.htm