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Share Account Dividend Rate


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This screen appears when you choose “Share Rate Inquiry” from the initial Rate Inquiry screen.

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Screen Overview

This screen displays the latest dividend rates for share-type accounts, including shares, checking, IRAs, marketing clubs, etc. From this screen, you can calculate APY or see rate change history for any share type, as well as quote dividends using actual deposit amounts and dates.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Share Dividend Type

Enter a code from the Dividend Apl Type column in the list and use Enter to see additional details on this account type.

Dividend Application Type

The Dividend Application code indicates the type of account.


A description of the account type.

Dividend Pay Date

The next date when dividends will be paid to accounts of this type.

Calculation Type

The dividend calculation method for this account (S=Simple Daily, D=Average Daily, C=Compound Simple).

Dividend Base Rate

The base rate for this product.

Split Rate

A split (tiered) rate product offers different interest rates depending on the amount deposited into the account. Products that have split rates will show an asterisk (*) in this column.

To view the split levels and their corresponding rates, select the record and choose View Details/Split Rates.

Minimum Balance to Earn

The minimum balance required to earn dividends on this account.

Plateau Dividend Calculation

The Plateau field can be configured to calculate rates differently as deposits increase.


The Annual Percentage Yield, provided in compliance with the Truth in Savings regulations. This is calculated taking into account compounding and other variables.




APY Calculator (F2)

To calculate the APY for any product, select the product in the list and use F2.

Cancel (F7) not shown

Use this to return to the initial rate inquiry screen.

Dividend Quoter (F10)

Use this to quote anticipated dividends using actual amounts and time frames.

Rate History (F16)

Use this to view a history of prior rate changes for a particular product. Select the product in the list and use F16.

Procedures (F21)

Use this to view credit union-defined procedures for opening this account.

Marketing Tips (F22)

Use this to view credit union-defined hints and instructions for selling this product to members and answering commonly-asked questions.

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