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Teller Audit / Change Fund Analysis



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This inquiry appears when you use Audit (F3) on the Teller Control screen.

Check out the video related to this topic: Reprinting Receipts (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to view audit keys on prior teller transactions and complete other research-related tasks.

Teller & Cash Activity Analysis Tools (NOTE: A PDF version of this booklet will open.)

Screen Overview

This inquiry shows Audit Keys that were generated for individual teller transactions, to assist in locating and correcting out of balance errors. By default, the current day's audit keys will be displayed.

To print a report showing audit key activity for the current day, use Audit Key Report (F14). For an explanation of “Left” and “Right” totals, see Teller Audits Left to Right. (No screen will appear; the report will simply print immediately to your default printer.)

If it is necessary to modify or delete audit keys, use the Adjust Teller Drawer/Audit Keys (Tool 120) or Combined Transaction Reversal/Audit Key Deletion (Tool 31).

Using Selection Fields

At the top of the screen are several selection options that allow you to narrow down the list of transactions shown to make it easier to locate specific items. After filling in the desired selection criteria, use Enter to refresh the screen.

0 = Funds Forwarded*

1 = Transfer Deposit/Transfer Pmt*

2 = Deposit/Payment

3 = Money Order*

4 = Misc. Receipts

5 = Misc. Advances

6 = Outside Check

7 = Inhouse Check

8 = Withdrawal/Disb.

9 = Cash In*

A = Advance Fees*

B = Cash Out*

C = Corporate Checks*

D = Delq Fine Payment*

E = Escrow Transfer*

F = Funds Carried Over*

M = Check/Money Order Fee*

W = Transfer Withdrawal*

*These are special audit keys used only for the purpose of reprinting teller receipts, for BSA reporting, and to assist with research when balancing your drawer. They are not deleted when transactions are reversed like the standard audit key types.

To return to the full list of audit keys, clear all of the selection fields (choose Both on the Delete flag field) and use Enter to refresh.

Reprinting Teller Receipts

To reprint a receipt without a signature, select a transaction in the list and use F24-Print Rcpt. (No screen will appear; the receipt will print immediately to your default receipt printer.) All of the transactions that occurred on that same receipt will be included automatically, including cash in/cash back, etc., just as on the original teller receipt. (There will be a “Reprint” notation at the bottom of the receipt.)

Remember this is only for Teller receipts, and receipt data is stored only for the past 90 days. Also, if the teller transaction was a shared branch transaction posted at another credit union for your member, you will NOT be able to reprint that receipt. (If a receipt cannot be reprinted, the message, “2833-Receipt not available for this transaction” will be displayed.)

Integration between CU*BASE and your imaging solution

If you have the CU*BASE e-Receipts system, use Retrieve e-Receipt (F12) to retrieve the stored receipt image, complete with signature (if any). This will require that the appropriate e-Receipt and Photo ID Capture software (ProDOC™) be installed on your computer and that the receipt was made with this software. The receipt can be printed on any non-receipt printer, such as your normal reports printer.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Tlr ID

The Employee ID for the teller who performed the transaction.


The time the transaction was posted. Remember that this represents the time that the system processed the transaction.

Audit Key

The audit key number.

Audit Key Type

A code and description showing the type of transaction:

2 Deposit/Payment

4 Misc Receipt

5 Misc Advance

6 Outside Check

7 Inhouse Draft

8 Withdrawal/Disbur

MR/MA Description

The description entered for misc. receipt and misc. advance transactions.


The member account base and suffix for the transaction. (Suffixes will not be shown for outside checks, misc. receipts, or in-house drafts.)

If your credit union offers non-member teller services, non-member transactions will show a SSN/TIN here instead of an account number.

Transaction Amount

The amount of the transaction.

Delete Flag

This column will show a “D” if an audit key has been marked as deleted using the audit key adjustment feature or the combined transaction reversal/audit key deletion feature.

  • Use the Delete Flag selection field at the top to choose whether or not you wish to see these deleted audit keys in the inquiry list.

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