Reversing a Transaction and Adjusting the Teller Drawer (1)

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Reverse Member Transaction/Adjust Teller Drawer


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #31: Reverse/Tran Adjust Drawer (Same Day) (Shortcut: revtlr).

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Screen Overview

This feature is used to reverse member transactions and also adjust the teller drawer by deleting the associated Audit Keys at the same time.  Use the to view the last ten accounts you have accessed

In the past, reversing a transaction required two separate steps to be completed. First the transaction was reversed to adjust the member account. Next, the audit key(s) associated with the transaction were deleted to adjust the teller drawer. The steps were separated as a type of “check and balance” system between the two different accounting environments, members and teller drawers.

This combined system streamlines the process by identifying both transactions and audit keys, allowing a user to mark both the transaction and the audit keys for an adjustment, and completing both steps in a single process. For tellers and other member service representatives, this new system makes corrections a snap!

Start by entering the member account number for whom the transaction is to be reversed. Also enter the Employee ID for the teller that performed the transaction. If this was a shared branching transaction for a member of another credit union, be sure to check the Shared branch member box. (This is intended to distinguish between your member and the other member, in cases where they happen to have the same account number.)

Use Enter to proceed to the second screen. The system will automatically pull a list of all transactions and related audit keys performed by this teller on the current day.





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