Cross Sales Analysis Dashboard

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Cross Sales Analysis Dashboard



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #320: Cross Sales Analysis Dashboard.

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The Cross Sales Analysis Dashboard Will Change the Way You Analyze Promotion Cost and Performance!

Want to do "what if" scenarios to calculate what it would cost the credit union to provide financial incentives for cross sales opportunities? Now you can! The Cross Sales Analysis dashboard allows you to generate the same type of information as the Cross Sales Analysis Report, but without the need to print. And with the addition of configured or temporarily overridden incentive amounts, you can easily determine what your existing or new incentive program would cost your credit union, or use the dashboard to calculate how much an employee earned.

Note: The dashboard does not have the ability to include the "start" and "end" cross-reference functionality that the Cross Sales Analysis Report can produce.

How to Use This Screen

Upon entering the screen, the selection criteria will be defaulted to a contact date range of the last 30 days. Press Enter to get the results. You can use the filters at the top to refine your search to a specific type of cross sale, memo type, employee, etc. If cross sales incentives have been configured, the system will automatically calculate the incentives earned. You can also use the temporary override function to perform what if scenarios for providing incentives to staff.


Once you press Enter the number of memos that fit your criteria will be shown in the “Memo type count” shown near the bottom of the screen.

If an incentive amount is included, the amount will be applied to all the results and provided a "Total incentive" below.

A Note on Incentives

For the best results, we recommend that cross sales incentives be configured using Tool 241. This will allow you to use the dashboard and have the system automatically calculate the total incentives without having to use the optional temporary incentive override feature to calculate incentives piece by piece.

If you are performing what if scenarios for incentives or have not configured cross sales incentives, we recommend that a Memo Type code be selected, and preferably a need group/task combination as well unless you pay the same dollar amount for every product/task. If you are using the report or the dashboard to calculate what an employee earned and you offer different incentives based on whether they initiated or ended a deal, you will need to run the report/dashboard two different ways to get an accurate total.




Contact date range

Enter a date range to filter the data. Only conversations during this period will be included. These fields must be used in conjunction with another. You cannot, for example, enter a starting date without an ending date.


This allows you to filter only for conversations by a specific employee ID or multiple Employee IDs using the Sales Tracker. Use the Select button to select one or more Emp IDs. Leave this field blank if you want to include all employee IDs.

Employee branch

This allows you to filter only for conversations by employees of a specific branch. Use the Select button to select one or more branches. The employee branch is determined by the vault # assigned to the employee in the employee security record.

Employee job category

This allows you to select employees tied to a job category. Job categories can be used to group employees together based on a common job function. This can make it easier to assign security, as security for one profile can be copied to all other employees with the same job category. Use the Select button to select one or more job categories.

Note: Since job categories are not configured, the descriptions in the lookup will be the same as the two-character job category.

Need group

Enter the two digit code or use the lookup images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif for the Need Group.

Only conversations with this Need Group will be included in the results. This field is required if a Task is selected. You can, however, select to enter a Need Group without a Task,  for example if you just want to see all loan related tasks in the results. Leave this field blank to include all Need Groups.


Use the Select button to select one or more tasks. Only conversations with this Task will be included in the results.

Memo type

Use the Select button to select one or more Memo types.

Leave this field blank if you wish to include all conversations on the member’s Sales Tracker.

Temporarily override incentive amount

Enter a dollar amount to calculate the total incentive for the results. This will override any configured incentive amounts. Clear the amount to recalculate the screen with the configured amounts.

Export to file

If this box is checked, the export to file option will pop up allowing you to create a file for use in Query or Member Connect.

Action Codes

Action Code


Tracker Review

To view a complete list of conversation notes on the Sales Tracker record, select an item in the list and choose Tracker Review to proceed to the Tracker Review screen.


Use this to access the Inquiry screen (for open memberships) or the Closed Inquiry screen (for closed memberships), where you can find details of the member, including email address, as well as research the accounts of the member and whether the member is enrolled in online banking.



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