Authorized User List

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Authorized User List


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This screen is accessed when ordering a new credit card or by selecting a card and the Authorized Users option on the Credit Card Maintenance screen.  This screen also appears after creating a loan if the Credit card maintenance box was checked on the Loan Creation screen

For complete information, refer to the Online Credit Card Processing User Guide.

Note for Multi-PAN Users

This screen is only used for credit unions that do not allow for multiple PAN functionality (unique card numbers per credit card holder drawing from one single loan). To read more about how to order a card for additional signers/authorized users with multi-PAN vendors, see this topic.

Using This Screen

This screen lets you record information about the cardholder(s) on this credit card account. The primary cardholder information is pulled from the MASTER membership information; the secondary cardholder name comes from the first additional signer record attached to the loan account. These names are able to be edited on the credit card record without editing the MASTER account information.

Names of 7 additional cardholders can be added.  Enter the names as they should appear on the credit card, up to 25 characters. This list contains users who are authorized users of the credit card, but are NOT necessarily primary or secondary signers for the loan account associated with this credit card. If a co-applicant was designated on the loan application, that name will already be set up as an additional signer and can be used when embossing the card. 

Using the button "Unlock Names 1 and 2" will allow you to edit the Primary and Secondary borrower from the credit card screen, instead of the MASTER screen. These changes are saved on the credit card record, but are not reflected on the member account record.

Embossed Names Best Practices

Additional signers are added to the loan account either at the time the loan is created or later by using this screen. An additional cardholder can be entered on the loan as an additional signer, but it is not a requirement. The additional holders defined on this screen are authorized users of the credit card, but are not to be confused with additional signers. The primary cardholder can designate up to seven additional holders and one secondary holder.

After you have completed this screen use "Save Changes" (F5) to move to the next screen (when ordering a card) or to return to the Credit Card Maintenance screen (when performing maintenance).


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