Emboss/Order History

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Emboss/Order History


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Access this screen when ordering a card or by selecting "Emboss Order/History" from the Credit Card Maintenance screen for a credit card loan account (applies to online credit cards only).

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to reissue a PIN without a Card

Screen Overview

This is the screen use to record/reorder an embossing order for a member's online credit card.  As long as the Order Status is pending (and not a card created by Instant Card Issue - see below), the order can be edited. (Once the order is marked “Complete,” it cannot be updated. To order new emboss pattern, select Order New Emboss (F6).

The next time maintenance is transmitted to your vendor, the order will be placed. (This means you can re-enter this screen later, before the transmission is sent, and make changes if needed.) Once the order has been transmitted, this Credit Card Emboss Selection screen is retained in the history, allowing you to reorder the same emboss order at a later date.

Reissuing a PIN for a Member

To reissue a PIN to a member without reordering a card, use the Emboss/Order History option from the previous screen. Use the following link for directions to order reissue credit card PIN to a member, without also reissuing a card. These directions can be used if there is no name change or any other change to the emboss order. Access the CU*BASE help for step-by-step directions on reissuing a PIN without a Card


For complete information, refer to the Online Credit Card Processing User Guide.

Introduction to Instant Card Issue

Flat un-embossed (non-raised) plastics can be printed at your credit union for immediate use by your member.  The member can select their own selected PIN number. This product requires a specialized printer with software provided by Datacard Group. Step by step instructions on using Instant Card Issue (including pictures of the messaging on this screen) can be found in the Instant Card Issue booklet. (NOTE:  A PDF booklet will open when you click on this link.)  If a card is ordered by Instant Card Issue processing, it will read "Instant Issued Card."  This order cannot be changed.


Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#PCTGSORD-01.htm