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This screen appears when you use the Miscellaneous Receipts processing code (“R”) on the Teller Posting, or use "Misc. Receipts" (F8) on the Teller Posting. If your credit union offers services to non-members, this same screen is also used for non-member misc. receipt items. The non-member's SSN/TIN displays instead of an account number.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to issue a miscellaneous receipt via Teller.

Learn how to issue a miscellaneous receipt via Phone Operator.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to log the cash purchase of miscellaneous items, such as traveler's cheques, postage stamps, or special event tickets. When the system processes a Misc. Receipt, it credits (deposits to) an assigned G/L account and debits (withdraws from) cash.

All miscellaneous receipt codes are credit union-defined and correlate to a specific General Ledger account number. If there is no code set up for the transaction you are performing, if allowed by your credit union's configuration, you may use code 999 and enter a G/L number manually.

This miscellaneous receipt screen differs from the one used by the Phone Operator system. In Phone Operator Miscellaneous Receipts, the transaction is posted and marked as a direct withdrawal from the member's account. Here, the transaction is handled as a cash payment on the miscellaneous receipt.

For example, if a member wants to make a cash purchase of traveler's cheques, this Misc. Receipts screen is appropriate. However, for a purchase of traveler's cheques directly from a member account, the phone system is best, because member inquiry and statements will show the withdrawal for miscellaneous receipts.

A Check Cashing/Negotiation Fee field will appear at the bottom of the screen if your credit union has activated check cashing fees, and you have turned on the Charge if deposit or M/R flag. This field will show the calculated check “negotiation” fee to be charged to the member for this transaction. This amount is subtracted from the Total Funds In amount. If allowed, you may be able to clear or change the amount in this field. Changes made will appear on the Fee Waiver Information report.

If a fee code has been associated with the Miscellaneous Receipt code, the amount will appear in the Other misc fees line. SEE: Miscellaneous Posting Code configuration

  • NOTE: If the fee has been configured as a flat fee, each item will need to be entered individually, for example, each traveler’s check will need to be charged individually. If the fee is a percentage of amount fee, then all items can be charged in one transaction.

Payments to an Off Trial Balance (OTB) Account

If you wish to make a payment or transfer to an OTB account (such as a loan payment), select a Miscellaneous Receipt code from the list to be used for OTB transfers. You will move to a listing of OTB accounts for the member. Once you select an account you will return to this screen where you can enter additional miscellaneous receipt items on the screen. The account selected will appear in the OTB Account # line.


When done with your transaction, use F5-Post to complete the transaction. If this workstation is configured to produce receipts, a receipt will be printed with all of the transactions for the same base account number on one receipt. The receipt gives information on what was posted plus any available balance information for the account types affected.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



Enter the amount to be charged to the G/L account.


Enter the appropriate Misc. Receipt code for this transaction. Click images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif for a list of configured codes. NOTE: An amount must first be entered in order for this lookup to work.

If no code has been configured for the transaction you are performing, type “999” here and proceed to the G/L # field to enter the appropriate G/L account number. (NOTE: If you receive an error message, code 999 has been suspended in your credit union's Misc. Receipt Code configuration, so you must select from the list of configured codes only.)

G/L #

If 999 was entered in the Code field, type the appropriate G/L account number here.

  •  This field should only be used in cases there is no defined Code.

Receipt Description

Type an optional description of the transaction to appear on the member's receipt. This could include an appropriate account number, date, etc. If no description is entered, the description from the Misc. Receipt code will be used.

G/L Description

Type an optional description of the G/L account being charged, to appear on the member's receipt. If no description is entered, the description from the Misc. Receipt code will be used.

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