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Phone Operator - Miscellaneous Receipts


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This screen will appear when you choose the “Misc Receipts” action on the Phone Operator Account Processing screen.

Check out the video related to this topic: Posting a Miscellaneous Receipt (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

Learn how to issue a miscellaneous receipt via Teller.

Learn how to issue a miscellaneous receipt via Phone Operator.

How can I track Miscellaneous Items?  

To track the sale of Miscellaneous Receipt Items, review the Miscellaneous Receipt Monthly Analysis.

You can use this screen to perform several functions, such as purchasing money orders, traveler's cheques, or postage stamps. You could also use it for temporary services, such as the purchase of credit union annual meeting tickets. You can also use Miscellaneous Receipts to transfer funds to an OTB account, for example to make a loan payment. All miscellaneous receipt codes are credit union-defined.

Once all fields have been filled in, use Enter to validate all entries. Nothing is posted, but the system will check for any errors and display error messages as needed. When done, use Post (F5) to post this receipt and clear the screen for the next item. After all items have been posted, use F8-Bypass to return to the previous screen.

Miscellaneous Receipts: Phone Op vs. Teller Posting

This miscellaneous receipt screen differs from the one used by the teller posting system. In the phone system, the transaction is posted and marked as a direct withdrawal from the member's account. In teller posting, the transaction is handled as a cash payment on the miscellaneous receipt.

For example, if a member wants to make a cash purchase of traveler's checks, the teller posting area is appropriate. However, for a purchase of traveler's checks directly from a member account, the phone system is best, because the member's inquiry and statement screens will show the withdrawal for miscellaneous receipts.

Payments to an Off Trial Balance (OTB) Account

If you wish to make a payment or transfer to an OTB account (such as a loan payment), select a Miscellaneous Receipt code from the list to be used for OTB transfers. You will move to a listing of OTB accounts for the member. Once you select an account you will return to this screen where you can enter additional miscellaneous receipt items on the screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Transaction Amt

The amount received.

M/R W/D Code

Enter a valid miscellaneous receipt withdrawal code (this determines the general ledger account to which the transaction will be posted).

  • Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to see a list of your credit union's configured codes.


If funds are coming from an IRA or HSA account, enter a valid HSA/IRA withdrawal code. Use the look up to find the appropriate code.


A description of the transaction.

Print Receipt

Check this checkbox to print a receipt showing all transactions for this base account number. Leave the box unchecked if you do not want a receipt to print.

Available Balance

The current available balance in the member's account.

Total misc receipts

The total amount of miscellaneous receipts already entered. Fill in all fields and use F5-Post to post the transaction and update this field.

Other misc fees

If a fee code has been associated with the Miscellaneous Receipt code, the amount will appear in this line. See Configuring Miscellaneous Codes

  • NOTE: If the fee has been configured as a flat fee, each item will need to be entered individually, for example, each traveler’s check will need to be charged individually. If the fee is a percentage of amount fee, then all items can be charged in one transaction.

Ending Balance

The member's account balance after all miscellaneous receipts have been deducted.




Post (F5)

Use this to post the transaction and clear the screen for the next entry. A receipt will print at this time.

Skip (F8) (not shown)

This will behave differently depending on whether or not Post (F5) has been used. If you use Skip (F8) before posting, it will cancel any entries and return to the previous screen.

Use Skip (F8) after posting when you are finished and want to return to the previous Phone Operator Account Processing screen.

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