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Configure CLR Path Program


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1110 Configure CLR Path Criteria.

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Overview of Feature

CLR Path (Consumer Lending on Reputation) is a new non-FICO approach to lending that uses your unique relationship with your members to help you make underwriting decisions. Pronounced “clear path,” this new feature evaluates the strength of your relationship with the member based on what is already in CU*BASE and gives a loan approval recommendation without needing to pull (or pay for) a credit score!  

Due to the cooperative model at CU*Answers, all CU*BASE credit unions can use the CLR Path tool for FREE!

Configurable, customizable, and FREE, CLR Path evaluates data you already own – most of which the credit bureaus don’t even know – such as how long the membership has been open, member age, account balances, loan history, and ACH/payroll deposits.  You give points for each criterium, and can even give negative points for attributes such as delinquency.  You can configure as many CLR Path templates as you wish using this Tool #1110.

Then you attach them to a loan product on the General Information screen.  The CLR Path decision model runs at the time of the loan application and gives a score for the primary member. (Joint Owners and non-members will not be evaluated).  You can also run the member against a selected model and view prior scores attached to the membership via Action codes.

Using this Screen

This is the entry screen to add, edit, view or delete a CLR Path program template.  Click here to move to the detail configuration screen.

These templates can be attached to the loan product configuration on the general information screen to be used during the loan application process or they can be selected via the loan action codes.



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