Credit Card Cash Back Configuration

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Configure Credit Card Cash Back Program


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1550 Credit Card Cash Back Program Config. A view-only version is available via Tool #1555 View Credit Card Cash Back Program

This screen is the first screen in configuring a credit card cash back reward program for members.


Select Add Program (F6) to move to the next screen. You can also select to Edit, View, or Copy an existing program, as well as Suspend or Delete.  


To attach a program code to a credit card loan category, use Tool #458 Loan Category Configuration.

To enroll a member individually, use  Tool #20 Update Account Information.


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Field Descriptions

Field Name



The 2-digit alphanumeric code assigned to the rewards program. This code is what attaches the program to the loan category.


The description of the program.


The cash back rate assigned to the program.


This column lists the maximum payout cash back amount.


This column lists the minimum payout cash back amount.






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