Credit Card Cash Back Program Configuration (Add, Edit, or View)

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Configure Credit Card Cash Back Program (Add/Update/View)


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1550 Credit Card Cash Back Program Config and selecting to Add(F6). This screen also appears when selecting to Edit, View, or Copy an existing program.

A view-only version is available via Tool #1555 View Credit Card Cash Back Program.

Program Overview

The credit card cash back reward program is a way to reward your members for their purchases. Each purchase with Origin Code 22 will earn the percentage configured in the program as "cash back" to their credit card loan. CU*BASE will track year to date and lifetime reward dollars, and print both the monthly reward and YTD/LTD totals as a transaction on the monthly credit card statement. To configure your program, enter the information as noted below and use Enter to save.

When calculating the reward at EOM, CU*BASE reviews purchases as well as return debits to the loan account, and awards the points based on the purchases minus those debits. If a return is made in the following month's cycle, it subtracts from the reward earned and will appear in the Carryover Amount on the cash back transaction register report.

On the last day of the month, two reports are generated, seen below, Cash Back Transaction Register (PCRDPRNTR) and Cash Back Transaction Errors (PCRDPRNTE), available in CU*Spy.

After You've Configured Your Program

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Field Descriptions

Field Name


Credit card cash back program code and Status

The 2-digit alphanumeric code assigned to the rewards program. This code is what attaches the program to the loan category. The status field shows either Active or Suspended. Suspended programs are also highlighted in yellow on the main screen.

Program description

Enter the description of the program.

Cash back rate per eligible transaction

Enter the cash back rate assigned to the program. This rate applies to each transaction.

A 1% configured rate would earn a member $1 on a $100 applicable purchase, and for a total of $1000 in monthly purchases, the member would earn a $10 reward at the end of the month.

Auto-enroll new accounts upon loan creation

Selecting this flag specifies that all new loan accounts under the loan categories attached to the cash back program should automatically be enrolled in the program when the loan account is created. If choosing to not enroll a specific member, manual unenrollment (or enrollment) is available via the checkbox in Account Information Update.

Primary transaction description

Enter the primary transaction description that will appear on the member statement, such as CASH BACK REWARD, or GOLD MEMBER REWARD PROGRAM. This is the transaction description attached to the monthly reward transaction.

Short description for secondary trans description with YTD and lifetime points

Enter the secondary transaction description that shows on the member statement as a sub-heading leading the YTD and LTD reward dollars. Examples include REWARDS EARNED, or TOTAL REWARDS.

Maximum payout cash back amount

Enter the maximum payout allowed. If a member earns more than the maximum configured payout amount, the member will be rewarded this maximum.


Minimum payout cash back amount

Enter the minimum payout allowed.

Members must have made at least $.01 in purchases to qualify for any reward. If a member has earned less than the amount configured in this field based on percentage and they have at least $.01 in purchases, they will receive the minimum amount listed in this field.

Leaving this field at $0 will set no minimum and members will earn whatever their calculated percentage is.

Expense G/L account

Enter the associated expense G/L account.

Forfeit if delinquent over xxx days

Enter a number of days the credit card loan can be delinquent before forfeiting the reward dollars.


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