Custom Membership Field Configuration

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Custom Membership Field Configuration


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1060: Configure Custom Fields - Member Data.

This screen uses Unique Data Management (UDM).  Contact the Asterisk Intelligence Team for more details.

The Concept of Custom Data Collection

Discussions about Big Data usually revolve around the possibilities of the insights from observing and analyzing data about your members and their interactions with your credit union.  But eventually the conversations always circle back around to, “this analysis could yield even more if I just had a way to gather data about _________ and ________, too.”  

This feature allows you to branch out from the traditional name-rank-and-serial-number details in CU*BASE membership files to log social and life-cycle data and assists your credit union with collecting member relationship and your interactions with members via automated channels.  Use these custom membership fields and the custom account fields to “fill in the gaps” in member accounts and to give your credit union data analysts and thinkers a new opportunity to design the core processing database of the future.  

How Collection and Viewing of Custom Membership Data Works

Using custom fields your credit union can create and maintain unlimited custom fields that are unique to your credit union. You define the field name as well as the rules that control what data can be entered:  dollar amounts, quantity, percentage, text, yes/no checkbox, date, or a defined list (the selections of which you will also define) from this screen.  The data is collected in the membership open or update screen  and view it in the "Member Data" tab on Inquiry and Phone Operator screens.  

Custom Account Data Can Also Be Collected

Account-related-custom data can also be collected.  Collection fields are configured in the custom account data configuration screen.  Data is collected and viewed from the screen accessed by clicking the Custom Fields button in the Account Update screens, such as the Closed-End Loan Account Update screen, and viewed in Account Inquiry screens, such as the Loan Account Inquiry screen.

Table (File) to Use to Query Custom Field Data

Use CMSCFDTA to Query custom membership field data.  (Use the CMBCFDTA for to Query custom account field data.)

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