eAlerts: Add/Edit Loan Payment Due

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Member eAlert Loan Payment Due Detail Maintenance


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Access this screen from the eAlert Add screen and selecting to add a Loan Payment Due alert, or when an existing Loan Payment Due eAlert is selected and viewed from the Member eAlert/eNotice Maintenance screen. If you access this screen via Inquiry, the update features described below will not be available.

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Helpful Resources

For complete details on activating and using e-Alerts, refer to the booklet eAlerts.

Screen Overview

This screen allows a credit union employee to configure an e-Alert for a member to receive an alert a selected number of days before and/or after a loan payment is due. Enter the number of days prior to the due date, number of days after due date, and whether or not to skip the alert when the amount due is $0.00.

Then, select how the member wants to be contacted:

Use Update (F5) to save the request and return to the Member eAlert/eNotice Maintenance screen.

CU*BASE will queue and loan payment due e-Alert emails (notification and complete email) directly after EOD processing. The emails are sent within 30 minutes.

Remember that members can do the same thing themselves in online banking. These screens are intended to allow an MSR to access the member's settings while working with the member over the phone or in person.

If asterisks appear on this screen or buttons are absent, it is due to the privacy configuration.

More Details on eAlert Email Delivery

If the member requests an email notification or complete email option, and the member's email address is later marked as invalid in CU*BASE, the member will cease to receive alert emails until the email is updated. This is the only reason and email would not be sent by the system. The member can correct this email themselves in online banking or the MSR can correct it in CU*BASE by using F9-Email on the previous screen. An email is required to sign up for these email options; messaging will alert the employee that an email address is needed if a valid email is not in the system.

Notes Specific to the Delivery of Loan Payment Due Alerts

Online Banking Message: Sent during end-of-day processing.

Email notification or “long” email: Sent within 30 minutes of the completion of end-of-day processing. (self-processors can adjust this frequency. Learn more here.)

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Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UEALRTD-03.htm