Configuring Misc Posting Codes (2)

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Account Adjustment Codes
Misc. Expense/Advance Codes
Miscellaneous Fee Codes
Mail/Direct Posting Codes
Miscellaneous Receipt Codes
Wire Transfer Codes



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This second screen shows all of the codes that have already been configured for the type selected on the initial screen. Any code marked with an ā€œSā€ in the Status column have been suspended and cannot be used on any transaction screen. (To reactivate a suspended code, edit it and use Enter to save.)

To create a new code, use Add New Code (F10), or
To modify an existing code, select it in the list and click the Select button or use Enter. The window that will appear next will depend on what type of code is being configured:

To print a listing showing all configured codes, use Print (F14).

When done, use New Maintenance (F6) to return to the initial screen and configure another code type, or the up arrow (F7) to return to the Home Page.

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