Inquire/Delete Members Online Banking Username

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Inquiry/Delete Members Online Banking




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Access this screen by selecting Display Username (F20) from the Update Audio/Online Banking Access screen.

Get the member's perspective with this online banking video: Logging in to Online Banking for the First Time (yes username, yes PIB) (More videos below!)

Screen Overview

Visible on this screen is the member’s username that was created in online banking by the member. The username is used in place of the member’s account number when the member logs into online banking. You can also use F16-Delete Username to delete the member’s username. You will see a confirmation button. When you click the Delete Username button, the username will be deleted, and the member will need to use his or her account number the next time they log into online banking. The member can then create a new username in online banking in the Preferences area.

Always verify the person's identity CAREFULLY according to your CU policies. Credit unions have lost money on scams where a bad guy tries to access accounts online. If in doubt, ask the member to bring valid ID to a branch office.

You may use Verify Member (F1) to view the Verify Member screen which contains information (such as code word or birthdate) that you can use to confirm the identity of the member.

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