Online Banking Activity Detail

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Online Banking Activity Detail





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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1750 Online Banking Activity Analysis and selecting any spyglass within the dashboard to view detail.

This screen shows a breakdown of members that comprise the total of the selected column on the previous screen.

Table Descriptions



Account Base

The member's account base.


The member's name.


The date of the login.
Time The time of the login.
Log Code The type of access; Standard (I), Mobile (W), Jump (J)
Auth Type The authentication type used;
  • Fingerprint (FP)

  • Face (FA) (MACO facial recognition)

  • Face ID (FI) (iOS native FaceID)

  • Voice (VO)

  • PIN (PI)

  • Username/Password (UP)

  • Forgot Password (FO)

  • Jump (JP)

  • Not Available (NA)

Channel Type

The channel type used;

  • Mobile App

  • Mobile Browser

  • Desktop Browser

  • Loan Application (when in online banking, selecting 'Apply for a Loan' and then logging in as a member)

  • eDOC (for future use)

  • MOP (during the MOP process, online banking authentication is used to complete membership opening. This only counts the first login via MOP)  

  • Custom software (for future use)

  • Other (any additional channels that are not noted above, such as a blank record)

Member Branch The member's configured branch.
Member Designation The member designation of the account.






Common Bonds (F6)

Select Common Bonds to use  the groups of members that you’ve gathered and analyze them based on what they have in common – what accounts they all have, what demographic characteristics they share, and even how their credit scores compare.

Export (F9)

Export the data represented in the dashboard, so that it can be used for further analysis or to communicate with members. Choose a method and press Enter to display a second window where you can specify the file name, then Enter again to generate and save the file in your QUERYxx library.

Member Connect (F10)

Access the Member Connect Setup screen, the gateway to sending online banking/and or email messages to members, as well as creating mailing labels, statement inserts and telemarketing trackers.

SEE ALSO: Marketing Campaigns with Member Connect

Analysis (F16)

Use this button to view a summary analysis of the data selected, including percentage shares of Channel Summary by number of logins, Top 15 Dates of logins during the selected period, summary of Time-of-Day that members are most often logging in, and Day-of-Week summary information for the percentage share of Monday - Sunday.

Data Source (F19) Select this button to view the tables and fields used to compile the dashboard.





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