Security Audit Reports

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Security Audit Reports



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #357: Employee Security Audit Reports.

You have three choices from this screen:

  1. Select Employee Security Audit Report and press Enter to move to a second screen. There select a specific employee ID (or leave this field blank to generate a report for all employees (and teams)).  This report allows you to select which of the following to include in your report.   See an example of the report.

  1. Select Assigned Tools Audit Report and Press Enter to move a second screen. On this second screen optionally select a specific tool.   Press Enter print the report.   NOTE: If the selection fields are left blank to include all tools, this can be quite a long report.  See an example of the report.

    This report includes:

  2. Select Employee Security Maintenance Report to move to a second screen. On this screen, optionally select an employee (the employee on which the maintenance was performed). Enter an optional date range as well.  Press Enter print the report.  This includes all of the items in the Employee Security Audit report (see above); however it allows you to select a date range.  See an example of the report.  This report also includes information on password changes.



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