Employee Security Audit Report

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Employee Security Audit Report



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Access this screen by selecting Employee Security Audit Report from the first Employee Security Audit Report screen.


Select from the following.  (WARNING: If all are selected, this can be a very long report!)



Maintenance on Employee ID

Enter an employee ID here to include only maintenance performed on this employee.

Include employee IDs

(Applies if no employee ID was entered on the previous field.)  Select one of the following choices:

Currently active only - To pull IDs from the current security master table (SECMAST) only.

From archive only - To pull IDs from the archive security table (SECMASTHST) only.

Both active and archived - To combine IDs from both security master tables.  

NOTE: Archived IDs will be marked as **FORMER EMPLOYEE** on the report, along with the employee's end date.  Locked IDs will be marked as **EMPLOYEE LOCKED**. Template IDs will be marked as **TEMPLATE/LOCKED**.

Print profile and special security (SECMAST)

Check this to include on the report the employee's access to special CU*BASE features such as opening and closing accounts, configured via Update Special Security.

Print account security (ACTSEC)

Check this to include the  employee's Account Security settings on the report. These control which accounts an employee can access and perform Inquiry, Maintenance and Posting tasks. These restrictions are made using Insider/Employee Type codes, but can be overridden by employee on an account basis. Learn more about Insider/Employee Type codes.

Print employee tool assignments

To include on the report the settings from the tool assignments dashboard (using "All Tool Assignments" (F2) or "Assign Tools to this Employee" on the Employee Security screen). These control the tools to which the employee has access.  

  • NOTE: This report will indicate whether the employee has the "View" or "Full" version of the tool, if both exist.

Report Sample





Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#LEMPAUS-02.htm