Non-Member Teller Posting

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Teller Processing



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This screen appears if a non-member is entered on the Teller Processing Screen.

This is just a slightly-modified version of the normal Teller Posting screen. Only those features that can be performed for non-members will appear, according to your configuration settings.

  • To cash a check: To cash checks, use the buttons next to Outside checks and Inhouse checks.

    • NOTE: Because there is no account against which to hold the funds, check holds cannot be placed for non-members.

Outside Checks: Enter the dollar amount of one or more of the checks in the Outside checks field or click the images\lookupbutton_shg.gif button to move to the Outside Checks Screen. On this screen you can enter in the checks individually.

  • In House Checks - If any in-house checks (checks that are drawn on your own credit union against another member's account) are being cashed or deposited, click the images\lookupbutton_shg.gif button to move to the In house Checks screen.

  • To purchase a miscellaneous receipt (if allowed): Enter the check and/or cash amounts and use F8-MR to proceed to the Misc. Receipts screen and post the transaction.

For an explanation of the fields on this screen, refer to the Member Teller Posting screen.