Stopping Payment on a Member Check (2)

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Stop Payment Request Processing


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Access this screen by entering an account number on the previous screen and pressing Enter. It can also be accessed by selecting the Stop option on the Phone Operator screen.

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CU*BASE Stop Payment Features

Screen Overview

This is the second screen (or first, depending on your entry point) used to set up a stop payment on a member check or to place a stop payment on an ACH item (see NOTE below). The bottom half of the screen will show any checks for which a stop payment order has already been issued. It is possible to place a stop pay on both saving and checking accounts.

Whenever stop pay orders are created, changed, deleted, or expired, CU*BASE automatically will create a zero-dollar transaction record with the appropriate description. The secondary transaction description will show the check number(s) stopped.  An example of this can be found here.


"Suspect" Stop Pay Processing for Share Drafts

ACH Stop Payments

Integration between CU*BASE and your imaging solution

This screen has a link to your imaging solution to further integrate with CU*BASE.  The “Scan e-Document” button is used for scanning a document into your imaging solution. 

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Charge for stop payment

Place a checkmark here to charge the standard fee; remove the checkmark to waive the fee for this transaction.

Draft begin #

The first draft number which should be stopped.

Draft end #

The last draft number which should be stopped. If nothing is entered into this field, the system will fill in the same number as the Draft begin # field, thus stopping a single check number.


A description of why the stop payment was ordered, such as lost, stolen, etc. This field is required. Toggle to the Company name in the listing below by selecting Show ACH Name/Show Comment (F10).

Company name

(Used for ACH) This field is optional. Use this informational only field to help identify ACH items. This information is to be used as a visual clue and is not checked during stop pay process. the Access this information on the listing below by selecting Show ACH Name/Show Comment (F10).

Stop payment fee

If allowed by your credit union's configuration, this field may allow the fee amount to be changed to a different fee for this stop payment order. This is designed for credit unions that wish to apply a different fee for a single check than for a range of checks.

SEE ALSO: Stop Pay Fee Waiver Controls

Request date

The current date.

Purge date

The date after which this stop payment order will be purged and deleted from the comments section of member inquiry screens. If the check comes in after this time, it will clear.

A non-monetary transaction record will be added to the member's transaction history when the item is purged, showing that the stop pay order is no longer in effect.

  •  The default value is configured according to your credit union policy (commonly 6 months), and is typically not changed here.

  • This default "Purge date" is calculated using the number of months entered in the "Purge stop payment records after xx months" field on the Teller Member Workflow Controls screen.  Tellers can always change this to 99999 (never purge) when creating the request.

Draft amount

This should generally be used only when stopping an item for which a check number is not known. This would include pre-authorized drafts as well as certain types of ACH items. Enter the exact amount of the check as it was written.


"Suspect" Stop Pay Processing for Share Drafts

ACH Stop Payments

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