Linking Loan Accounts to a Credit Report

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Link Online Credit Report to Loan


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This screen appears when you select "Credit Bureau Link" on the first Miscellaneous Loan Maintenance screen.

This screen is used to record details on a loan account showing the credit report information that was used in making the decision to approve the loan. This information can be very helpful for tracking the correlation of loan repayment patterns against credit scores.

When the screen first appears, enter the credit report number (use View Credit Report (F20) to look up an existing report number) and use Enter to fill in the rest of the screen. If you are entering information from an old, paper credit report, leave the Credit Report Number field blank and use Enter to fill in the remaining fields manually.

After Enter is used, the system pulls in the date, bureau, and scores from the online report and displays them on the bottom half of the screen. Verify the data (you may enter a different report number now if necessary), then use Update (F5) to save all of the fields as part of the loan account record.

A history of changes to the Paper Grade/Risk Level can be accessed by selecting Risk Level History (F13) on the Delinquency pop-up window.

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