Loan Insurance/Debt Protection Maintenance

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Payment Protection and Miscellaneous Coverage


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This window appears after selecting Insurance or Debt Protection on the previous screen.  You can also access this screen by using the lookup next to Payment Protection on the Member Account Inquiry screen for a loan.

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Screen Overview

If this screen is access via Member Account Inquiry, you will not be able to add additional coverages to the loan.)  Via this access point, this screen can also be used to view the history of CPI force-placed insurance (use CPI History (F12).

If accessed via Account Update, this screen can be used to change a members debt protection or add additional protection.  For example, if a member's coverage has been discontinued because of delinquency, this could be used after the member reapplies for coverage, use this screen to record the insurance code again and resume posting premiums. Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to see a list of your credit union's configured codes.  Use Add Coverage (F6) to add additional coverage.  Use CPI History (F12) to view the history of CPI force-placed insurance (for credit unions who use the "posting and payment adjustment" method only).

Once changes have been made, use Enter to record the selections and return to the previous Account Update screen, or use the back arrow to cancel the changes.

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