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Average Daily Balance Inquiry


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This window is displayed when you select an account and then “Average” on the Phone Operator Account Processing screen.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to quote an average daily balance and complete other tasks using Phone Operator action codes.

Screen Overview

This screen displays the average balance for an account over the numbers of days (1-180) that you enter on the screen (defaults to 60), regardless of dividend period. This screen is commonly used when checking average balance information on saving and checking accounts as part of the mortgage application process.

Rules for the Calculation of Average Balance and Display on VOD

If you have configured a Miscellaneous Member Account Form called “VOD,” you can click Print Verification of Deposit Form (or F14) to print a form showing average balances for all of the member's account that is ready to mail to the member or third party such as a mortgage lender upon request. Refer to the Misc. Member Account Forms booklet for details.  

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