Why Your Members Call Dashboard

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Why Your Members Call



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1315 Why Your Members Call from the CU*BASE home page, and selecting your dashboard filter criteria.

This project is part of the CU*BASE Active Beta program. Active (live) beta allows us to get software out in the field more quickly by expanding the testing process into a real-world environment, in place of our more typical QC testing process. This means we need your help testing these tools! Your feedback will help us continue to refine and fine-tune the functionality, so let us know what you think! More Online Help information will be added to this screen as the Dashboard evolves. Learn more about the Active Beta program

This dashboard gives insight into who is calling your credit union, and why. The filters let you select which data you want to examine, as well as a summation of your calls. Want to know the reason members are calling? This dashboard is your data answer.  Answer questions such as, what groups of members are calling specifically for online banking questions? What are your members between the ages of 20-30 calling about? Why do people call on Tuesdays?

For call center and branch managers, this dashboard gives you understanding of your staff; which staffer takes the most calls? Which staffer has the highest call resolution? Who takes the longest on member calls? The wealth of data can help you build an all-star call center team.

Before Using This Dashboard

As an important note, in order to generate data in this dashboard, you must have Phone Op Wrap-up Codes turned on in Tool #267 Configure Phone Op Wrap-up Codes as well as the proper workflow controls in Tool #1005 Workflow Controls: Teller/Member Service setup. Not using wrap-up codes currently? Contact the Xtend or Client Services and Education team to create effective wrap-up codes to utilize the full benefit of this dashboard! Contact info@xtend.com for more information on how to get started.

Using this Dashboard


Table Descriptions



Multi Select Column One:

This first column is versatile and will show whichever information is selected in the Select Data to View (F8) screen. Choices are the following:

Account Base/Gender/Member Age/Member Name/Member Branch/Member Designation/Length of Membership/Tiered Level/Transaction Time/Call Type Code/Program Code/Employee Name/Call Count/Day of Week

Call Type Description

These descriptions are configured in  Tool #267 Configure Phone Op Wrap-up Codes.

Primary Subject Description

These descriptions are configured in  Tool #267 Configure Phone Op Wrap-up Codes.

Empl ID

The employee's ID.


The date of the call.

Wrap Up Duration

The duration of the call from the time the account was accessed until the wrap-up code was entered and the user has exited the member's account.

Trk Crt

This field lists whether or not a tracker was created for the call.

Curr Total Savings

The total of the member's current shares accounts.

Curr Total Loans

The total of the member's current loan accounts.





Common Bonds (F6)

Use this link to launch the Common Bonds informational screens.

Select Data to View (F8)

Use this button to alternate the view of the first column of the dashboard. See above for column choices.

Member Connect (F10)

Use this button to launch the Member Connect program to create a file to be used to contact members in various ways.

Analysis (F16)

The Analysis feature performs further analysis and rankings of member calls. Use this button to view total calls, averages, and employee ranking information.

Reload All (F17)

After using the isolate features, select this function to return to the original filter criteria.

Data Sources (F19)

The Data Sources screen displays the Tables (files) and Columns (fields) that are used to generate the data on the selected dashboard.

Export (F9)

Use this feature to create member account numbers for Member Connect, or export the complete dashboard list for query or download.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IWRAP-01.htm