Opt-In for Consumer Loan Skip Payment Program

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Opt-In for Consumer Loan Skip Payment Program



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #821: Member Skip-Pay Program Opt-in (Shortcut: skip).

Learn more about consumer skip-pay programs.

SEE ALSO:  Learn more in the Skip Pay for Consumer Loans booklet.

Once the program is activated, you can enroll members via this screen.  Enter the loan account and suffix and press Enter to see the programs for which the member is qualified.  If the member qualifies for more than one program, you will advance to this screen to select the program.  If the member qualifies for one program, you will advance to the opt in screen for that program. 

Loan Evaluation

At this point, the loan is evaluated to see if it qualifies for a Skip-a-Pay program:

If the loan does not comply, CU*BASE will produce an error message.


Eligibility Settting for the Program


The loan is also checked to see if it is eligible according to the eligibility requirements on the configuration screen.  A delinquent loan, for example, may not qualify.  This is dependent on the program configuration.  An error message is produced if the loan is not eligible. 


AFT, AFT, and Payroll

CU*BASE also checks if the member has ACH, AFT, or payroll set up for the loan payments.  This will determine the conditionally displayed message on the third opt in screen. Refer to the Skip-Pay for Consumer Loans booklet for examples of these messages.  Learn more in the Skip Pay for Consumer Loans booklet.

Membership Level Evaluation

And one additional membership level check is made. If Block from skip-pay program is checked on the final membership screen, the message “Member has been blocked from skip pay programs” will appear and you will not be able to enroll this member.

Additional Note

Account security is used to evaluate whether an employee can use this feature. Learn more here.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#PLNSKPOI-01.htm