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Member Connect Message Maintenance


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Access this screen by clicking the Online Banking or Email Message button on the Member Connect Setup screen.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for assistance with using this screen.  Refer to the help topics linked to below in this topic.

Introduction to this Screen

This is a list of credit union specific messages that have been saved in the system for sending via It's Me 247 online banking, email or both. This feature requires the use of a CU*BASE Report Builder inquiry (Query) to identify the member accounts, then this screen is used to select and send the message automatically to all member accounts listed in the inquiry.

A few points to keep in mind:

Actions from this Screen

Email/Online Banking Marketing Step by Step

First create your file:

  1. Use CU*BASE Report Builder to create an inquiry that defines the selection criteria needed to choose members to receive the email message. The file should contain the account base (ACCTBS). (Must be the first field, if the file contains any other fields.)  This may only be a simple inquiry that chooses all members who actually have an email address, or the file can contain other members and the email program will only send to those where an email address exists.

  2. Run the inquiry to create a database file stored in your QUERYxx library (where xx is your credit union's 2-character credit union ID).


  1. Use the List Generator feature to create the file.  See Show Me the Steps for instructions.

Then send your message:

Notes on Signature Line

Signature link messages (SL) message are appended to the end of all email addresses.  Online banking messages will not have this message appended, since members will already know who the message is from.  Message type SL within CU*BASE has very specific guidelines that must be followed.

  1. Only five lines of text allowed for the SL message type (title), anything exceeding five will be cut off/ deleted.

  2. Lines can be include a maximum of 60 characters.  This includes spaces.  Anything exceeding 60 will move the text to a new line.

  3. Hyperlinks are not supported through CU*BASE however a member’s email server may auto link web addresses as long as they fit within one line of the message.

Specifics relating to Member Reach clients or those having Xtend process their unsubscribes:

  1. An Opt Out web address will be created and maintained by Xtend

  2. The Opt Out link may require the credit union name be shortened/ abbreviation to fit within one line of the SL message type

  3. No credit union can have the same abbreviation as this will likely cause a routing of unsubscribe request error.

Reference Section

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Msg Type

This is used to indicate what Message Type is associated with the message. Important to note here is that the ES message is a generic e-Statement message and the SL message is the Signature Line text. Message Types with two letters are reserved for use with messages copied from the CU*BASE Master library of messages.  When creating a new message, use a letter and a number or two numbers. Message IDs like B3 are allowed but BB are not.

Message Subject

This is the text that will appear in the subject line of the email message.

First Line of Text

This is the first line of text in the message.


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