Add Conversation to Existing Tracker

These steps explain how to add a conversation to an existing Tracker so that you can document and follow up on contacts made with a particular member.

  1. Launch the Member Inquiry tool by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of your home screen.

  2. Enter the member's account number in the Account Base field on the Search for Active Members screen.

  3. Click the forward arrow.

  4. Select the 000 account type on the Member Inquiry account types screen.

  5. Click Select.

  6. Click the Tracker Review button on the Member Account Inquiry screen.

  7. Select the appropriate Tracker type in the list on the Member Tracker Review (Change) screen.

  8. Click Update.

  9. Clickt the lookup button beside the Memo type field on the Member Tracker Entry screen.

  10. Select the type of conversation you had with the member in the Memo Types pop-up.

  11. Click Select.

  12. Enter your notes from your discussion with the member in the box under the Speaking To field on the Member Tracker Entry screen.

  13. Click Save/Continue.

  14. If the conversation requires a follow-up, leave the 'Entry just made requires a follow-up' box on the Member Tracker Entry screen checked and enter the corresponding follow-up information.

    • If the conversation does not require a follow-up, uncheck the Entry just made requires a follow-up box.

    • For telemarketing Trackers, enter the Need group and Task #.

  15. Click the forward arrow.