Setting Up and Printing Money Orders: Overview

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Learn how to issue a money order while posting other transactions.


CU*BASE makes money orders easy to process and track. Money orders can be created through the Teller Posting system, just like checks drawn on a member's account (Proc Code “C”). The only difference is that Proc CodeM” is used instead. Therefore, anywhere you can cut a member check in the teller system, you can also cut a money order. Other features:

  • Money orders are printed using the same laser check printer and paper as regular credit union checks. (NOTE: You must have a laser printer to produce money orders.)

  • Money orders will write out to the check reconciliation system just like checks, using a separate code to make them easy to track. Money orders can be voided just like checks, and use the same reprint option as checks.

  • A default money order fee can be configured and automatically charged to the member's account when the money order is created. Because they are processed just like checks, they will also appear as a withdrawal on the member's statement.

Setting Up Money Orders

Remember that before money orders can be implemented, bank IDs, fees, and terminal and printer hardware must be configured properly. Contact a client service representative if you need to set up your system for handling money orders.

Printing Money Orders: Step by Step

Scenario 1: A member comes in and requests a money order to be drawn against funds already in his account.

  1. From the first teller posting screen, enter the member's Account Base

  2. Choose Process Code Money Order (M).

    • IMPORTANT - Enter the Account Type suffix from which the funds should be taken.

  3. 4.   Use Enter to proceed to the money order screen. (This is the same screen used to print regular member checks.) Click for more information on completing the fields on that screen.

  • If no funds are available, an error message will flash and the Teller Deposits/Withdrawals screen will appear instead.

  • BE CAREFUL: If you select an invalid account type, the system will automatically select suffix 000. Check the account type shown on the money order screen to be sure the correct account is being used.

Scenario 2: A member brings in cash and requests a money order to be created.

1.   The funds must first be deposited into the member's account. Use the Funds In screen as usual to receive the funds, whether via cash, outside check or in-house draft.

3.   Enter the amount to be deposited into the desired account. On the same line, enter “M” into the Proc Code field. DO NOT enter a withdrawal amount for the money order.

4.   Press Post (F5) to post any other portions of the transaction and continue to the money order screen. Click for more information on completing the fields on that screen.