Add a Joint Owner to an Account

These steps explain how to add a joint owner, such as a spouse or family member, to an account.

  1. Launch Tool #3 Open/Maintain Memberships/Accts.

  2. Select Update membership info on the Membership Services pop-up.

  3. Enter the account base or Social Security number of the member to whose account you'd like to add a joint owner.

  4. Click the forward arrow.

  5. Check the Secondary Names box.

  6. Click the forward arrow.

  7. Select the account to which you'd like to add a joint owner on the Modify Secondary Names Linked to This Membership screen.

  8. Click Select.

  9. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Secondary Names Linked to This Account screen.

  10. Enter the Social Security number or account base of the individual to be added as a joint owner on the Link a Secondary Name to This Account pop-up.  

  11. Select the desired options (add to all sub-accounts, etc.).

  12. Click the Add/Update button.

  13. Click Continue on the Blocked Persons Database pop-up.

  14. Select the desired household enrollment options on the Household Enrollment pop-up.

  15. Click Done.

  16. Click Done again to confirm household enrollment.