Block List (Transaction Attribute)

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Block Lists (Transaction Attribute)


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Access this screen by selecting a transaction attribute on the Fraud Alert/Blocked Persons List (maintenance or inquiry) and then Edit or View.

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This screen allows you to add entries to Transaction Attribute fraud lists, including the Pay to Name and Country fraud block lists.

 Transaction Attribute Block List

How is a denial of service fraud block list different than a transaction attribute fraud block list?

Multi-channel transaction attribute blocks are based on a particular data element and will stop specific transactions from occurring across various delivery channels. Where the country or pay to information is entered that will be run through the scan is linked to below.  

Using this Screen

This is the first screen used to maintain or view your credit union's Blocked Persons list for the country or Pay to Name list selected on the previous screen.

Also referred to as a “Fraud Alert” list, this database allows you to record entries to this list.

Rules for adding an entry to these lists:

Getting a Match - When it happens and how it works:



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