Account Nicknames: Overview

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How to Add, Change, or Delete an Account Nickname

How to View Account Nicknames


With Account Nicknames, your members can name their own accounts. Instead of a generic description such as “SUB SHARES” or “IRA CERTIFICATE” the account could be called “COLLEGE FUND” or “ROTH IRA CD.”

In order to fit into the locations where these descriptions will be used, nicknames can be a maximum of 15 characters long. Both open and closed accounts can be nicknamed.

Updating Nicknames

Nicknames can be changed in two places:

Controlling Nicknames

There are two different features in place to allow you to control the nicknames your members can use:

Where Nicknames Will Be Used

Monitoring Your Member Nicknames

Any changes to nicknames, whether via CU*BASE or online banking, will cause a record to be written to the CUFMNT File Maintenance file (program name UACCTN). SEE ALSO: File Maintenance Inquiry

You can also create a custom inquiry using the CU*BASE Report Builder to view all assigned nicknames. Nicknames are stored in the ACCTNM file. SEE ALSO: CU*BASE Report Builder (Query) Overview

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