AFT / CFT Maintenance/Inquiry

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Funds Transfer Maintenance or Automatic Funds Transfer Inquiry


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #884: Update Auto Transfer Information (Shortcut: aft) (maintenance version) or Tool #496: Member Auto Transfer Inquiry (Shortcut aftinq) (inquiry version).

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Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete tasks related to AFTs.

Screen Overview

This is the first screen used to create, modify, or view instructions for Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) or Check Funds Transfer (CFT) records. To see all Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) and Check Funds Transfer (CFT) records already set up for a member that affect the member, enter an account base and use Enter to see transfers to AND from this account.  Use the lookup button next to the Account field to access the Your Most Recent Accounts Accessed screen, which lists your last ten accounts.

Refer to the Automated Funds/Check Funds Transfer booklet for more information.

All changes to AFTs are recorded in CUFMNT.




Use this option to modify an existing record. The next screen that appears will depend on the type of transfer chosen: AFT or CFT.


Use this option to delete an entire CFT or AFT record. One confirmation screen will appear; use Delete (F4) to confirm the deletion or Enter to cancel and return to this screen.


Use this option to view an AFT or CFT record without changing anything. The next screen that appears will depend on the type of transfer chosen: AFT or CFT.

Member Inquiry

Use this option to display the Member Inquiry screens: Share (Including IRA), Checking, Certificate, or Loan (closed or open-end) for this member's accounts.


Transferring to an account that is "off the books" (at another financial institution) such as making a deposit for a loan at another credit union

Credit unions may activate the ability for employees and members to make scheduled payments to accounts configured with the CU*BASE "Off Trial Balance" or the CU*BASE Account to Account (A2A) features.  This allows for the creation of scheduled payments to these accounts.  This feature must be activated.

If activated, when you enter an account and use Enter you will be presented with additional buttons on this screen.  Refer to the Account to Account (A2A) Transfer manual and the Tracking "Off Trail Balance" (OTB) Products with CU*BASE booklet for more details on special delinquency handling of these AFTs.  It is recommended that you use a sweep account to make transfers to Certificate, HSA, and IRA accounts.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Transfer To Account Base

To see AFT records set up to transfer funds to an account, enter the account base here.

  • Remember that a CFT does not transfer to an account; use the Transfer From Account Base field instead to see CFT records.

Transfer From Account Base

To see AFT or CFT records set up to transfer from an account, enter the account base here.

Transfer To  Account

The account to which funds were transferred.

Sequence #

If a transfer record is set up with the same Transfer To and Transfer From account numbers as another transfer record, this field indicates the sequential number used to distinguish between them.


Priority - the order in which the transfers are made during the automated transfer process.

Transfer From Account

The account number from which funds were transferred.


The total amount of the transfer.


The next date on which a transfer will occur.


A code indicating the frequency of the transfer. These are set up using the System Frequency Control/Config feature and will vary by credit union. The most common is M for Monthly or W for Weekly.

Trans Made

A running total showing how many transfers have been made since the automated transfer was configured.

Last Maintained Date

The last date the AFT or CFT was maintained


The ID of the employee who last made a change on this AFT or CFT.

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